List of Presidents of Abruzzo

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This is the list of Presidents of Abruzzo since 1970.

Presidents of Abruzzo
President Party Term Legislature
Ugo Crescenzi DC 1970–1972 I Legislature
Giustino De Cecco DC 1972–1973 I Legislature
Ugo Crescenzi DC 1973–1974 I Legislature
Giustino De Cecco DC 1974–1975 I Legislature
Felice Spadaccini DC 1975–1977 II Legislature
Romeo Ricciuti DC 1977–1980 II Legislature
Romeo Ricciuti DC 1980–1981 III Legislature
Anna Nenna D'Antonio DC 1981–1983 III Legislature
Felice Spadaccini DC 1983–1985 III Legislature
Emilio Mattucci DC 1985–1990 IV Legislature
Rocco Salini DC 1990–1992 V Legislature
Vincenzo Del Colle DC/PPI 1992–1995 V Legislature
Antonio Falconio PPI 1995–2000 VI Legislature
Giovanni Pace AN 2000–2005 VII Legislature
Ottaviano Del Turco SDI/PD 2005–2008 VIII Legislature
Gianni Chiodi PdL 2008–... IX Legislature

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