Letychiv Fortress

The only surviving tower of the fortress.

Letychiv Fortress is a complex of limestone walls built in 1598 by Jan Potocki to defend Podolia from the regular raids of the Crimean Tatars. The north-western tower, the eastern wall and parts of the southern wall still stand in the town of Letychiv, Ukraine. The most prominent feature on the grounds of the fortress is the Baroque church of the Assumption (1606-1638, rebuilt 1724). There's also a statue of Ustym Karmaliuk, a rebel leader buried at Letychiv. During World War II, the castle served as a notorious slave labor camp.

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Coordinates: 49°23′6.1″N 27°37′27.21″E / 49.385028°N 27.6242250°E / 49.385028; 27.6242250

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