Joachim Chreptowicz

Joachim Chreptowicz
Coat of arms Odrowąż
Father Marcjan Chreptowicz
Mother Regina Wojnianka
Born 4 January 1729
Jasieniec near Nowogródek
Died 4 March 1812(1812-03-04) (aged 83)

Joachim Chreptowicz pseud.: Jeden z współziomków (4 January 1729 – 4 March 1812), of Odrowąż Coat of Arms, was a Polish nobleman, writer, poet, politician, Grand Secretary of Lithuania, marshal of the Lithuanian Tribunal and the last Grand Chancellor of Lithuania. He was a member of the Permanent Council, activist of the Commission of National Education, physiocrat and a vivid supporter of the Targowica Confederation.



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