Mikalojus Radvila the Old

Mikalojus "the Old" Radvila
Spouse(s) Sofija Ona Manvydaitė
Zofia Zasławska
Fiedora Rohatyńska


with Sofija Ona Manvydaitė:
Mikolaj Radziwiłł
Jan Radziwiłł
Anna Radziwiłł
Wojciech Radziwiłł
Jerzy Radziwiłł
Noble family Radziwiłł
Father Radvila Astikas[1]
Mother Eudoxia Radziwiłł
Born c. 1450
Died 16 July 1509 (aged 5859)

Mikalojus Radvila or Mikolaj I[2] nicknamed the Old (Lithuanian: Mikalojus Radvilaitis, Mikalojus II Radvila Senasis, Latin: Nicolaus II Radziwil Priscus) (c. 1450-1509) was a Lithuanian noble. He was known after a patronym Radvilaitis, made of his father's name Radvila, which in turn became a family name of his heirs, Radvilos, later Polonised as Radziwiłł.

Mikalojus had been a regent of Smolensk from 2 December 1481; in 1483 a 10,000-strong army was summoned by him for protection of Smolensk lands. He had been the Castellan of Trakai since 31 May 1488 and regent of Novgorodok, later a regent of Bielsk Podlaski. He was the Voivod of Vilnius since 1492 and the first Grand Chancellor of Lithuania from 1504 until his death in 1509. His sons Jerzy/Jurgis, Mikojal/Mikalojus and Jan/Jonas were the progenitors of the three Radziwill family lines.


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