Mikołaj II Radziwiłł

Mikołaj II Radziwiłł
Grand Chancellor of Lithuania
Spouse(s) Elźbieta Sakowicz h. Pomian


with Elźbieta Sakowicz:
Mikołaj Radziwiłł
Jan Radziwiłł
Zofia Zabrzeziński
Stanisław Radziwiłł
Helena, Princess Jerzy Olelkowicz Słucki
Elżbieta, Princess Iwan Dubrownicki Holszański
Noble family Radziwiłł
Father Mikalojus Radvila
Mother Sofija Ona Manvydaitė
Born 1470
Died 1521 (aged 5051)

Mikołaj II Radziwiłł (Lithuanian: Mikalojus Radvila) (1470–1521) was a magnate and statesman of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

He obtained the title of prince from Emperor Maximilian I.[1] He was a son of Mikalojus Radvilaitis and among the first Radziwiłłs to cary this family name. He had brothers Jerzy Radziwiłł, Jan Radziwiłł and Wojciech Radziwiłł and sister Anna Radziwiłł. Mikołaj was a progenitor of GoniądzMeteliai Radziwiłł family line. He inherited the lands of Musninkai and Kėdainiai. Most of his acquired fortune had been confiscated from Michael Glinski—notably Raigardas, Goniądz and Knyszyn.

He took part in the second Muscovite–Lithuanian War of 1500–03 and other raids under leadership of Konstanty Ostrogski. Mikołaj was the Podczaszy from 1505 until 1510, Voivode of Vilnius from 1507 and replaced his father as the Grand Chancellor of Lithuania from 1510.

Due to his pro-Polish views and arid support for the Polish–Lithuanian Union he was ironically nicknamed Amor Poloniae by his contemporaries. He rivaled Albertas Goštautas for influence in the government of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and was the initial editor of the First Statute of Lithuania.

A Lithuanian Metrica of 1511-18, from the chancellery of Lithuanian Grand Chancellor Mikołaj Radziwiłł

Marriage and issue

Mikołaj married Elźbieta Anna Sakowicz h. Pomian (daughter of the boyar Bohdan Sakowicz, who was adopted by the Pomian clan) their children were:[2]


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