Higinbotham Province

VictoriaLegislative Council
State Victoria
Created 1937
Abolished 2006
Area 108 km2 (41.7 sq mi)
Demographic Metropolitan
This article is about the federal electorate. For the state electoral province, see Division of Higinbotham.

Higinbotham Province was an electorate of the Victorian Legislative Council.[1] It existed as a two-member electorate from 1937 to 2006, with members serving alternating eight-year terms. It was considered a safe seat for the Liberal throughout its history, though it was won by Labor candidate Noel Pullen in Labor's landslide victory at the 2002 state election. It was abolished from the 2006 state election in the wake of the Bracks Labor government's reform of the Legislative Council.

It was located in the south-east of Melbourne. In 2002, when it was last contested, it covered an area of 108 km2 and included the suburbs of Bentleigh, Black Rock, Brighton, Cheltenham, Mentone, Moorabbin, Mordialloc and Sandringham.

Members for Higinbotham Province

Member 1 Party Term
James Kennedy Liberal 1937–1954 Member 2 Party Term
James Disney Liberal 1940–1946
Lindsay Thompson Liberal 1955–1967 Sir Arthur Warner Liberal 1946–1964
Murray Hamilton Liberal 1967–1982 Baron Snider Liberal 1964–1966
William Fry Liberal 1967–1979
Geoffrey Connard Liberal 1982–1996 Robert Lawson Liberal 1979–1992
Dr John Ross Liberal 1996–2002 Chris Strong Liberal 1992–2006
Noel Pullen Labor 2002–2006


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