Nunawading Province

Nunawading Province
VictoriaLegislative Council
State Victoria
Created 1976
Abolished 1996
Namesake Nunawading
Demographic Metropolitan

Nunawading Province was an electorate of the Victorian Legislative Council.[1] It was created in 1976, based in the outer eastern Melbourne suburbs including Nunawading. It was finally abolished 29 March 1996.[1] Much of its area was replaced by Koonung Province.

In the 1985 election, the result for this province was subject to much controversy when the vote ended with a complete dead heat after preferences. Both the Labor candidate Bob Ives and the Liberal candidate Rosemary Varty received 54,821 votes each. The returning officer, Kathleen Leonard, was required by law to make a casting vote, which she did so by drawing a name from a ballot box. The name drawn was Bob Ives and he was declared elected.[2]

This result did not stand, and a by-election was called, in which the Liberal candidate Varty won with a swing to her.

Members for Nunawading Province

Member 1 Party Term
  Vernon Hauser Liberal 19761982 Member 2 Party Term
  Laurie McArthur Labor 19821988   Peter Block Liberal 19791985
  George Cox Liberal 19881996   Rosemary Varty Liberal 19851992


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Coordinates: 37°49′S 145°11′E / 37.817°S 145.183°E / -37.817; 145.183

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