Melbourne West Province

Melbourne West
VictoriaLegislative Council
State Victoria
Created 1904
Abolished 2006
Namesake West Melbourne, Victoria

Melbourne West Province was an electorate of the Victorian Legislative Council from 1904 until 2006.[1]

It was created in June 1904 when Melbourne Province was reduced in size (four members down to two), North Yarra Province and South Yarra Province were abolished. The new Melbourne West Province, Melbourne North Province, Melbourne South Province and Melbourne East Province were then created.[1] Its area was defined by the Electoral Provinces Boundaries Act 1903 as:

Commencing at the intersection of Elizabeth-street and Victoria-street; thence westerly by Victoria-street and the boundary of the city of Melbourne to the Saltwater River; thence southerly by that river and the Yarra River to the Coode Canal; thence easterly by that canal and the Yarra River to Clarendon-street; thence south-easterly by Clarendon-street to Dorcas-street; thence south-Westerly by that street to Nelson-road ; thence southerly by Nelson-road to St. Vincent-street west; thence south-westerly by that street to Cowie-street; thence north-westerly by Cowie-street to Pickles-street; thence southerly by that street to the shore of Hobson's Bay ; thence westerly and southerly by the shore of Hobson's Bay and westerly by the shore of Port Phillip Bay to the west boundary of the town of Williamstown (as described in the Local Government Act 1890) ; thence north by the said boundary to Stony Creek ; thence north-westerly by that creek to Reid-street; thence west by that street to the Geelong-road ; thence south-westerly, west, and southerly by that road to the Kororoit Creek ; thence northerly by that creek to the west boundary of section 18, parish of Cut-Paw-Paw ; thence north by the west boundaries of sections 18, 19, and 22 to the Saltwater River ; thence easterly by that river to Maribyrnong-road ; thence easterly by that road and the south boundary of allotment i), section 5, parish of Doutta Galla, to the Moonee Ponds; thence southerly by the Moonee Ponds to Flemington-road ; and thence south-easterly by that road and Elizabeth-street to the commencing point. To include the electors afloat in Hobson's Bay.[2]

Melbourne West Province was abolished at the 2006 state election in the wake of the Bracks Labor government's reform of the Legislative Council.

Members for Melbourne West Province

Member 1PartyTerm beganTerm endedMember 2PartyTerm beganTerm ended
  John Aikman Non-Labor Jun 1904 Jun 1916   William Edgar Non-Labor Jun 1904 Jun 1913
  William Fielding Labor Jun 1913 Apr 1916
  Daniel McNamara Labor Jun 1916 Aug 1916   Arthur Disney Labor May 1916 Jul 1943
  John Aikman Non-Labor/
Aug 1916 May 1922
  Robert Williams Labor May 1922 Mar 1938
  Pat Kennelly Labor May 1938 Jun 1952
  Les Coleman Labor Oct 1943 Jun 1955
  Bert Bailey Labor Jun 1952 Jun 1958   Buckley Machin Labor Jun 1955 Jun 1963
  Archie Todd Labor Jun 1958 Jun 1970   Alexander Knight Labor Aug 1963 May 1979
  Bunna Walsh Labor May 1970 Oct 1970
  Bon Thomas Labor Oct 1970 Apr 1982
  Joan Kirner Labor Apr 1982 Sep 1988   Joan Coxsedge Labor May 1979 Oct 1992
  Licia Kokocinski Labor Oct 1988 Mar 1996   Jean McLean Labor Oct 1992 Sep 1999
  Sang Nguyen Labor Mar 1996 Nov 2006   Kaye Darveniza Labor Sep 1999 Nov 2006


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