Government of the 23rd Dáil

Government of the 23rd Dáil
18th Government of Ireland
Date formed 9 March 1982
Date dissolved 14 December 1982
People and organisations
Head of government Charles Haughey
Deputy head of government Ray MacSharry
Head of state Patrick Hillery
Total number of ministers 15
Member party Fianna Fáil
Status in legislature Minority Government
Opposition leader Garret FitzGerald (Fine Gael)
Election(s) February 1982 general election
Legislature term(s) 23rd Dáil
Predecessor 17th Government of Ireland
Successor 19th Government of Ireland

The 23rd Dáil was elected at the first general election of 1982 on 18 February 1982 and first met on 9 March when the 18th Government of Ireland was appointed. The 23rd Dáil lasted for 279 days.

18th Government of Ireland

The 18th Government of Ireland (9 March – 14 December 1982) was formed by the Fianna Fáil party.[1]

Office Name Term
Taoiseach Charles Haughey Mar.–Dec. 1982
Tánaiste Ray MacSharry Mar.–Dec. 1982
Minister for Finance
Minister for Agriculture Brian Lenihan Mar.–Dec. 1982
Minister for Defence Paddy Power Mar.–Dec. 1982
Minister for Education Martin O'Donoghue[2] Mar.–Oct. 1982
Minister for the Environment Ray Burke Mar.–Dec. 1982
Minister for Fisheries and Forestry Brendan Daly Mar.–Dec. 1982
Minister for Foreign Affairs Gerry Collins Mar.–Dec. 1982
Minister for the Gaeltacht Pádraig Flynn Mar.–Oct. 1982
Minister for Health Michael Woods Mar.–Dec. 1982
Minister for Social Welfare
Minister for Industry and Energy Albert Reynolds Mar.–Dec. 1982
Minister for Justice Seán Doherty Mar.–Dec. 1982
Minister for Labour Gene Fitzgerald Mar.–Dec. 1982
Minister for the Public Service
Minister for Posts and Telegraphs John Wilson Mar.–Dec. 1982
Minister for Transport
Minister for Trade, Commerce and Tourism Desmond O'Malley[2] Mar.–Oct. 1982
Office Name Term
Minister for Trade, Commerce and Tourism Paddy Power 7–27 Oct 1982
Minister for Education Charles Haughey 7–27 Oct 1982
Office Name Term
Minister for Trade, Commerce and Tourism Pádraig Flynn Oct.–Dec. 1982
Minister for Education Gerard Brady Oct.–Dec. 1982
Minister for the Gaeltacht Denis Gallagher Oct.–Dec. 1982

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  2. 1 2 Desmond O'Malley and Martin O'Donoghue both resigned in October 1982 following an unsuccessful leadership challenge by O'Malley against Charles Haughey.
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