Government of the 14th Dáil

Government of the 14th Dáil
6th Government of Ireland
Date formed 13 June 1951
Date dissolved 2 June 1954
People and organisations
Head of government Éamon de Valera
Deputy head of government Seán Lemass
Head of state Seán T. O'Kelly
Total number of ministers 12
Member party Fianna Fáil
Status in legislature Minority Government
Opposition leader John A. Costello (Fine Gael)
Election(s) 1951 general election
Legislature term(s) 14th Dáil
Predecessor 5th Government of Ireland
Successor 7th Government of Ireland

The 14th Dáil was elected at the 1951 general election on 30 May 1951 and first met on 13 June when the 6th Government of Ireland was appointed. The 14th Dáil lasted for 1,084 days.

6th Government of Ireland

The 6th Government of Ireland (13 June 1951 2 June 1954) was formed by the Fianna Fáil party.[1]

Office Name
Taoiseach Éamon de Valera
Tánaiste Seán Lemass
Minister for Industry and Commerce
Minister for Agriculture Thomas Walsh
Minister for Defence Oscar Traynor
Minister for Education Seán Moylan
Minister for External Affairs Frank Aiken
Minister for Finance Seán MacEntee
Minister for Health James Ryan
Minister for Social Welfare
Minister for Justice Gerald Boland
Minister for Lands Thomas Derrig
Minister for Local Government Paddy Smith
Minister for Posts and Telegraphs Erskine H. Childers

The government positions are listed in alphabetical order, rather than in terms of seniority.

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