Anglican Diocese of North West Australia

For the Catholic church in North West Australia, see Roman Catholic Diocese of Geraldton.
Diocese of North West Australia
Ecclesiastical province Western Australia
Parishes 18
Rite Anglican
Cathedral Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Geraldton
Current leadership
Bishop Gary Nelson

The Anglican Diocese of North West Australia is a diocese of the Anglican Church of Australia. The diocese covering 2 million km² of Western Australia, north of Perth, is geographically the largest Anglican diocese in Australia and the largest land-based diocese in the world. The population of the area of about 150,000 people.[1]

The diocese has 18 parishes and three Mission to Seafarers’ ministries and the cathedral church of the diocese is the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Geraldton.


The Diocese of Perth was established in 1857, but the Diocese of Northern Australia (which became known by the present name in 1961)[2] was not brought into existence until 1910.[3]


The cathedral church of the diocese is the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, located in Cathedral Avenue Geraldton, Western Australia.[4]

The cathedral building was built in 1964 to a design by architects McDonald and Whitaker. The brick modernist style building has a star shaped footprint and is said to resemble Coventry Cathedral in England.[5][6] Internally the cathedral has extensive stained glass and an organ built by Allen Organ Company.[7]


The Diocese of North West Australia is noted for its Evangelical stance and no women serve as priests.[8]

Anglican realignment

The Diocese of North West Australia was the second in the Anglican Church of Australia, after the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, to recognize the Anglican Church in North America as a "member church of the Anglican Communion, in full communion with Diocese of North West Australia", according to a motion passed in October 2014.[9]


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