Assistant bishops in the Diocese of Sydney

The assistant bishops of Sydney are the assistant bishops in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, Australia. They each assist the Archbishop of Sydney by maintaining delegated episcopal oversight over a particular geographical area.

Prior to the formation of the current "regions" arrangement in around 1967, the archbishop was assisted by a number of coadjutor bishops with no particular geographical area (nor expectation to succeed to the diocesan see). The first regional see created was that of Parramatta, whose first assistant bishop was consecrated in 1967. In 1969, the first Bishop of Wollongong was consecrated. The Southern (aka South Sydney) and North regions followed in 1972 and 1975 respectively. In 1993, the fifth regional see, Georges Island, was created.

Coadjutor bishops of Sydney

Bishops coadjutor of Sydney
From Until Incumbent Notes
1926 1932 Gerard D'Arcy-Irvine Died in office.
1932 1935 Sydney Kirkby Died in office.
1935 1961 Venn Pilcher Died in office.
1940 1960 William Hilliard Translated from Nelson; died in office.
1956 1965 Clive Kerle Translated to Armidale.
1958 1966 Marcus Loane Became Archbishop of Sydney.
1960 1964 Goodwin Hudson Returned to the United Kingdom.
1965 1975 Frank Hulme-Moir Translated from Nelson.
1965 1982 Jack Dain, assistant bishop

Bishops of the Western Region

The Western Region of the diocese, formed in 1967, is based in Parramatta – hence previous bishops have been more commonly known as the Bishop of Parramatta (until around 1993). St John's Pro-Cathedral, Parramatta, is the oldest site of continual Christian worship in Australia.

Bishops of Parramatta
From Until Incumbent Notes
1967 1972 Gordon Begbie Died in office.
1973 1982 Donald Robinson Became Archbishop of Sydney.
1989 1993 Peter Watson Translated to the Southern region and later to Melbourne.
Bishops of the Western Region
1993 2002 Brian King Also Bishop to the Armed Forces.
2003 present Ivan Lee

Bishops of Wollongong

The Wollongong Region, created around 1969, covers the Sutherland Shire, Wollongong, Kiama, Shoalhaven, the Southern Highlands, Camden and Campbelltown. St Michael's Pro-Cathedral, Wollongong lies with the diocese.

Bishops of Wollongong
From Until Incumbent Notes
1969 1974 Graham Delbridge Translated to Gippsland.
1975 1982 Ken Short
1982 1993 Harry Goodhew Became Archbishop of Sydney.
1993 2006 Reg Piper
2007 2010 Al Stewart
2010 present Peter Hayward

Bishops of the Southern Region

The Southern Region extends from the edge of the Pacific Ocean in the east to Strathfield and Concord in the west and from the southern shore of Port Jackson across to the northern parts of Botany Bay. The South Sydney Region covers the oldest, most diverse and still-changing portion of Sydney. The bishop is often referred to as the Bishop of South Sydney.

Bishops of the Southern Region
From Until Incumbent Notes
1972 1993 John Reid
1993 2000 Peter Watson Translated from Parramatta; translated to Melbourne.
2000 present Robert Forsyth

Bishops of the North Region

The Northern Region covers from Port Jackson to the Hawkesbury River and from Pennant Hills to Palm Beach. The bishop is also sometimes called Bishop of North Sydney.

Bishops of the North Region
From Until Incumbent Notes
1975 1990 Donald Cameron
1990 2001 Paul Barnett
2002 2013 Glenn Davies Elected Archbishop of Sydney.
2013 Chris Edwards

Bishops of Georges River

The Georges River Region covers the south-western areas of Sydney, stretching from Marrickville to Liverpool and the areas of Bankstown and Fairfield. The bishop is sometimes referred to as the "Bishop of Liverpool" (although that title is less convenient due to the existence of an Anglican Bishop of Liverpool in England).

Bishops of Georges River
From Until Incumbent Notes
1993 2001 Ray Smith
2001 2009 Peter Tasker Acting Bishop of Georges River, 2013–2014[1]
2015 Peter Lin Rector of Fairfield with Bossley Park


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