Cinder Cone (British Columbia)

Cinder Cone
Highest point
Elevation 1,910 m (6,270 ft)
Prominence 120 m (390 ft)
Coordinates 49°58′18″N 123°00′25″W / 49.97167°N 123.00694°W / 49.97167; -123.00694
Location British Columbia, Canada
Parent range Garibaldi Ranges
Topo map NTS 92G/14
Age of rock Holocene
Mountain type Cinder cone
Volcanic arc/belt

Cascade Volcanic Arc

Garibaldi Volcanic Belt

Last eruption Holocene

Cinder Cone is a cinder cone with a small crater on the west side of the Helm Glacier in Garibaldi Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada. Cinder Cone is surrounded by cinder flats and its crater is filled with melt water during the summer. Cinder Cone is eroded easily by melt water during the spring, washing the pyroclastics into the Valley of Desolation. Cinder Cone produced a 9 km (6 mi) long lava flow during the early Holocene.

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