Caleb Heathcote

Caleb Heathcote
31st Mayor of New York City
In office
Preceded by Jacobus Van Cortlandt
Succeeded by John Johnstone
Personal details
Born March 6, 1665
Died February 28, 1721

Caleb Heathcote (March 6, 1665 – February 28, 1721) served as the 31st Mayor of New York City from 1711 to 1713. His estate in Westchester County, New York is the site the present-day town of Scarsdale and was granted on March 21, 1701 or 1702 by Lieutenant Governor of New York John Nanfan. A neighborhood and an elementary school in present-day Scarsdale are named after Heathcote. A marble statue of him stands atop the Surrogate's Courthouse (former Hall of Records) at 31 Chambers Street in Manhattan.


Caleb was one of the nine children of Gilbert Heathcote and Ann Dickens. He is connected to the Heathcote baronets through two brothers: his eldest brother was Sir Gilbert Heathcote, 1st Baronet of London; another brother, Samuel, was the father of Sir William Heathcote, 1st Baronet of Hursley.

Caleb married Martha Smith, daughter of Colonel William "Tangier" Smith, Chief Justice of New York. They had six children, four of which died young. Daughter Anne married James DeLancey, while daughter Martha married Lewis Johnston of New Jersey.

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