Johannes de Peyster

Johannes de Peyster
23rd Mayor of New York City
In office
Preceded by William Merritt
Succeeded by David Provost
Personal details
Born 1666
New York City
Died 1719

Johannes de Peyster (1666–1719) was the 23rd Mayor of New York City between 1698 and 1699.[1][2][3]


Johannes was born in New York City in 1666 to Johannes and Cornelia Lubberts de Peyster. Johannes married Albany, New York, native Anna Bancker (sister of Evert Bancker). In addition to his stint as mayor, he served in the colonial assembly.[4]

Johannes's brother Abraham de Peyster served as mayor from 1691 to 1694. Johannes was succeeded as mayor by David Provost, their brother-in law.[5] Johannes's son, also Johannes, served as mayor of Albany and married Anna Schuyler. According to some sources, Johannes was known as "Johannes de Peyster II" and his son as "III".[6]


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