William Peartree

William Peartree
28th Mayor of New York City
In office
Preceded by Phillip French
Succeeded by Ebenezer Wilson
Personal details
Born c 1643
Died 1714
Bergen, New Jersey
Spouse(s) Anna

William Peartree (c. 1643–1714) was the 28th Mayor of New York City from 1703 to 1707. He married Anna, daughter of Daniel Liczko (1615–1662) (a lieutenant of Peter Stuyvesant) and Annetje Croesen Litsco, who later for many years entertained at "Mother Litsco's Tavern" on lower Pearl Street near the Brooklyn ferry.

Peartree began his career as a planter in Jamaica in the Caribbean and, during King William's War with France, had success as a privateer. After Port Royal, Jamaica sank into the sea in the earthquake of 1692, Peartree moved back to New York City much enriched from his depredation upon Spanish and French shipping. When Queen Anne's War began in 1702, William Peartree was elected mayor in 1703, as New Yorkers saw fit to elect an experienced naval captain to defend the town. He served as mayor until 1707 and died in 1714.

William Peartree's great-grandson, William Peartree Smith, was a founder of Princeton University.

Preceded by
Phillip French
Mayor of New York City
Succeeded by
Ebenezer Wilson

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