Bulgarian presidential election, 2016

Bulgarian presidential election, 2016
6 November 2016 (first round)
13 November 2016 (second round)

Turnout 57.47% (1st round)
Nominee Rumen Radev Tsetska Tsacheva
Party Independent GERB
Alliance BSP
Running mate Iliana Yotova Plamen Manushev
Popular vote 2,049,260 1,249,043
Percentage 59.35% 36.17%

President before election

Rosen Plevneliev

Elected President

Rumen Radev

Presidential elections were held in Bulgaria on 6 November 2016,[1] alongside a referendum on changes to the electoral system and political party funding. The second round was held held on 13 November 2016, resulting in the victory of Rumen Radev.

Electoral system

The President of Bulgaria is elected using the two-round system.[2] For the first time, voters will be allowed to vote for none of the above.[3]


The incumbent President, Rosen Plevneliev, announced in May 2016 that he would not be running for re-election.[4]

Presidential candidate Vice presidential running-mate Party Notes
Rumen Radev Iliana Yotova Independent General Radev, the former commander of the Bulgarian Air Force,[5] is supported by the Bulgarian Socialist Party and was originally endorsed by the Alternative for Bulgarian Revival, but on 23 August 2016 the Bulgarian Socialist Party denied plans for a common coalition for the presidential elections.[6] Yotova is an MP in the European Parliament.
Tsetska Tsacheva Plamen Manushev GERB Tsacheva is the incumbent Chairwoman of the National Assembly of Bulgaria.[7] Manushev is MP.
Krasimir Karakachanov Yavor Notev United Patriots Karachanov is co-chairman of the Patriotic Front and a Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly.[8] Notev is the Deputy Chair of the Attack party and a Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly.
Traycho Traykov Sabi Sabev Reformist Bloc Traykov is the former Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism and is currently a municipal councilor in Sofia.[9] Sabev is a general in the Bulgarian army.
Ivaylo Kalfin Lyubomir Halachev Alternative for Bulgarian Revival Kalfin is a Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Former Minister of Labour and Social Policy, as well as the BSP presidential candidate in the 2011 election;[10]
Tatyana Doncheva Mincho Spasov Movement 21
National Movement for Stability and Progress
Doncheva is a jurist and a former MP;[11] Spasov is a jurist and former MP.
Plamen Oresharski Danail Papazov Independent Oresharski is a former Prime Minister of Bulgaria;[12] Papazov is a former minister of Transport.
George Ganchev Kolyo Paramov Christian Social Union Ganchev is a former MP and three-time presidential candidate.[13] Paramov is an economist and former MP.
Velizar Enchev Bilyana Grancharova Movement for Radical Change Bulgarian Spring Enchev is an independent MP;[14] Grancharova is a jurist.
Veselin Mareshki Petar Petrov Independent Mareshki is a businessman.[15]
Dimiter Marinov Radoslav Petrov (aka Rado Shisharkata) Bulgarian National Unification Marinov (known as Mityo The Pistol) is a popular entertainer and reality show star, having appeared in VIP Brother 1, a spinoff of the Big Brother franchise;[16] Petrov (known as Rado the Fircone) is a pop-folk singer.
Vladimir Kuzov Borislav Noev Independent Kuzov and Noev are former MPs from the union around the Attack party;[17]
Their registration in the elections was denied due to insufficient number of signatures gathered.[18]
Aleksandar Tomov Radoslav Radoslavov Bulgarian Socialdemocratic-Euroleft
Gospodin Tonev Andrey Andreev Bulgarian Democratic Community
Kamen Popov Georgi Nedelchev Independent Popov is a businessman, sportsman.

Popov struck the leader of Attack party Volen Siderov.[19]

Svetoslav Vitkov Ivan Velkov Independent supported by People's Voice
The Greens
Vitkov is a musician, and a municipal councilor in Sofia;[20] Velkov is a Deputy Chairman of the municipal councilor in Sofia.
Their registration in the elections was denied due to insufficient number of signatures gathered.[18]
Kemil Ramadan Momchil Dobrev Balkanic Democratic League
Nikolay Banev Sali Ibrayim Independent Banev is a businessman;[21] Ibrayim is a former mayor of Momchilgrad
Biser Milanov Krasimir Nastev Independent Milanov is a recidivist;[22] Nastev is a businessman.
Diana Dimitrova Gabriel Gerasimov Independent
Yordanka Koleva Veselin Hristov Independent
Plamen Paskov Svetozar Saev Independent
Rumen Galabinov Veska Voleva Independent


Candidate Party First round Second round
Votes % Votes %
Rumen RadevIndependent973,75425.442,063,03259.37
Tsetska TsachevaGERB840,63521.961,256,48536.16
Krasimir KarakachanovUnited Patriots573,01614.97
Veselin MareshkiIndependent427,66011.17
Plamen OresharskiIndependent253,7266.63
Traycho TraykovReformist Bloc224,7345.87
Ivailo KalfinAlternative for Bulgarian Revival125,5313.28
Tatyana DonchevaMovement 21–NDSV69,3721.81
George GanchevChristian Social Union27,9280.73
Velizar EnchevMovement for Radical Change Bulgarian Spring18,2130.48
Dimitar MarinovBulgarian National Unification14,9740.39
Rumen GalabinovIndependent10,2860.27
Plamen PaskovIndependent10,1030.26
Aleksandar TomovBulgarian Socialdemocratic-Euroleft9,5130.25
Gospodin TonevBulgarian Democratic Community6,8550.18
Kemil RamadanBalkanic Democratic League6,0890.16
Kamen PopovIndependent5,2120.14
Diana DimitrovaIndependent4,3620.11
Nikolay BanevIndependent4,1960.11
Yordanka KolevaIndependent4,1820.11
Biser MilanovIndependent3,2150.08
None of the above214,0945.59155,4114.47
Invalid/blank votes119,92566,036
Registered voters/turnout7,014,72356.287,020,11950.44
Source: Electoral Commission of Bulgaria


Following the results of the second round, Prime Minister and GERB leader Boiko Borisov tendered his resignation.[23] Two days later, on 16 November, the National Assembly voted 218–0 to accept it, possibly resulting in early parliamentary elections.[24]


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