Prime Minister of Bulgaria

Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria
Министър-председател на Република България

Standard of the Prime Minister of Bulgaria
Boyko Borisov

since 7 November 2014 (In resignation from November 16, 2016)
Appointer National Assembly
Term length 4 years
Inaugural holder Todor Burmov
Formation 17 July 1879
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The Prime Minister of Bulgaria (Bulgarian: Министър-председател, Ministar-predsedatel) is the head of government of Bulgaria. He or she is the leader of a political coalition in the Bulgarian parliament – known as the National Assembly of Bulgaria (Bulgarian: Народно събрание, Narodno sabranie) – and the leader of the cabinet.

The current Prime Minister is Boyko Borisov, who has served since 7 November 2014 in his second government.

List of officeholders

Living former Prime Ministers

There are twelve living former Bulgarian Prime Ministers:

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