Blue Moon (2006 film)

Blue Moon
Directed by Joel Lamangan
Produced by Roselle Monteverde-Teo
Written by Allan Tijamo
Starring Eddie Garcia
Boots Anson-Roa
Mark Herras
Jennylyn Mercado
Music by Von de Guzman
Distributed by Regal Films
Release dates
  • January 1, 2006 (2006-01-01)
Running time
108 minutes
Language Tagalog

Blue Moon is a 2006 Philippine romantic drama film baby released by Regal Films directed by Joel Lamangan.

The first title choice of this movie was Nasan ka Man (Wherever you are) and Nasaan ka Nang Kailangan Kita (Where Were You when I Needed You) was the second title choice of the movie.


A man named Manuel Pineda (Garcia) is ill and has only has six months to live, but there is one thing left in his life that he wants to do, which is to find Corazon, his beloved. His family has its own problems, as his son Rod (De Leon) is still mourning to his wife's death, while Rod's son, Kyle (Trillo), has recently been dumped by his wife Peggy.

Manuel starts to search Corazon somewhere in Ilocos, but she is not there. Rod and Kyle pick him up from Ilocos, and on the way home their car breaks down. Manuel takes this opportunity to tell them why he was in Ilocos. Manuel's past is revealed in an extensive flashback.

In his youth Manuel's (Herras) best friends include a fellow teen named Domingo (Ravales) and two lasses both named Corazon they refer to as Cora (Mercado) and Azon (Luna). Manuel falls in love with the lively and cheery Azon, not knowing that Cora has a secret crush on him. Unfortunate news arrives when Azon tells Manuel that her mother wants to move far away. Azon asks Manuel to come with them, but Manuel declines. Before spending the night together, Azon gives Manuel a piece of her pendant, and tells him that if the pendant returns her necklace then they are meant to be together. Manuel wakes up with Azon gone.

Not long after, the Second World War erupts in the Philippines and Manuel and Domingo join the army. Azon tries to find a way to say goodbye to Manuel, but is unable to reach him. However, she manages to meet Domingo, who explains the situation. Azon gives Domingo her address and tells him to tell Manuel to find her.

During the war, Domingo and Manuel are captured by the enemy and walks the Death March. Domingo is so wounded badly that he can't walk. Domingo gives Manuel Azon's address, and then forces him to leave. Manuel reluctantly follows, and eventually survives the war. He is reunited with Cora in a hospital, where she is a nurse. While waiting to recover from a foot injury, Manuel sees Cora cares for him deeply and ended up making love with her.

Cora is soon pregnant, and she marries Manuel. After Cora gives birth, she decides to leave Manuel seeing that he is still in love with Azon. Before she leaves, she gives him half a picture of her, saying that if the two halves are reunited again, that means that they are meant to be together, much like to what Azon stated with her pendant.

In the present, Manuel's son and grandson reluctantly decides to help even after concluding that it is the woman that broke up their family they were searching for.

It was revealed that all along Manuel was looking for Cora, whom he realized he really loved after he left her. The story ends when, Manuel and Corazon dance in a night of blue moon, a wish she had stated when they were still married. Manuel passes some time later.



Metro Manila Film Festival

This film was submitted to the 31st Metro Manila Film Festival in 2005, where it was initially disqualified by the selection committee for allegedly being a different film from the original submitted script. Its nomination was later reconsidered after the production argued that the story was the same, albeit re-titled. From the original Philippine playdate of December 25, 2005 (the start of the Metro Manila Film Festival), it was moved to January 1, 2006.

Year Award-Giving Body Category Recipient Result
2005 Metro Manila Film Festival [1] Best Picture Blue Moon Won
Best Original Story Allan Tijamo Won
Best Screenplay Won
Most Gender-Sensitive Film Blue Moon Won


Orange and Lemons sang "Blue Moon" the official theme song of this movie.

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