For the song, see Kisapmata (song).
Directed by Mike de Leon
Produced by Ronaldo S. Atienza
Written by Mike de Leon
Clodualdo del Mundo,
Based on The House in Zapote Street by Nick Joaquin
Starring Vic Silayan
Charo Santos
Jay Ilagan
Charito Solis
Music by Lorrie Ilustre
Cinematography Rody Lacap
Edited by Jess Navarro
Distributed by Bancom
Release dates
Running time
98 minutes
Country Philippines
Language Tagalog

Kisapmata is a 1981 psychological drama film directed by Mike de Leon, written by de Leon and Clodualdo del Mundo Jr., and based on Nick Joaquin's 1961 article "The House on Zapote Street"; which was later republished in Joaquin's non-fiction book, Reportage on Crime (1968).

It was a groundbreaking film, as it was the first major treatment of incest in Philippine cinema. Released during the 7th Metro Manila Film Festival, the film barely broke even at the box office. However, it received unanimous critical acclaim, establishing De Leon as one of the great directors of the new generation. It eventually won the festival's most coveted title of Best Film, garnered ten major awards in FAMAS, was presented in Cannes in the Director's Fortnight, and was adjudged by the Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino as one of the 10 Best Films of the 1980s.

The film covers other strong subject matters, such as murder, suicide and parricide.


Dadong Carandang (Silayan), a retired police officer, is the domineering father of Mila (Santos), and he is extremely jealous of the latter's suitors, never allowing them into his house. One day, Mila falls in love with Noel Manalansan (Ilagan) and they decide to seek Dadong's permission to get married. Mila finds out she is pregnant. Dadong agrees on the condition that Noel pay a ridiculously costly dowry as well as shoulder a luxurious wedding. Noel agrees and works hard to meet Dadong's demands Bonoy Carandang (Gonzaga) a dream of father.

After the wedding, Dadong insists that the couple stay in his house. Despite protestations by the couple, they acquiesce. The couple is not allowed to sleep together for various reasons, i.e., that Mila's mother Dely (Solis) is sick and Mila needs to comfort her through the night.

After several months of living in this misery, the couple decide to escape. They were hunted by Dadong, to no avail. One day Dadong changes his tactic and makes some compromises to bring them back. Eventually, the couple decide to go back to Dadong's house, but only to gather their belongings. Dadong pleads with Mila not to leave as it is revealed that he has been carrying out an incestuous relationship with his daughter all along, and the baby is his. When Mila and Noel stand firm on leaving, Dadong is driven to desperation and brings out his gun, shooting Dely, Noel, and then finally, Mila. Seeing to no longer consume himself in such obsession, he shoots himself.



It won a total of 8 Gawan Urian Awards and received 1 FAMAS award nomination.

Year Group Category Name Result
1981 Metro Manila Film Festival [1] Best Film Kisapmata Won
Best Director Mike De Leon Won
Best Actor Vic Silayan Won
Best Supporting Actor Jay Ilagan Won
Best Supporting Actress Charito Solis Won
Best Screenplay Clodualdo del Mundo, Jr., Raquel Villavicencio, and Mike De Leon Won
Best Story Clodualdo del Mundo, Jr., Raquel Villavicencio, and Mike De Leon Won
Best Editing Jess Navarro and Ben Pelayo Won
Art Production - Won


The movie's title became the title of a hit song by the Filipino band Rivermaya.


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