Baldo Marro

Baldo Marro is an actor, screenwriter, stunt director, film director and producer in the Philippines. He was awarded Best Actor by the prestigious Metro Manila Film Festival in 1988 for the cop movie Patrolman.


He started as stuntman before became action star.

In 1988 Metro Manila Film Festival, Marro won Best Actor for Patrolman, which also won him the Best Director award.

Marro starred in Boy Negro (1988), Iyo Ang Batas, Akin Ang Katarungan (1988), Tumakbo Ka Hanggang May Lupa (1990), and Alyas Boy Tigas: Ang Probinsiyanong Wais (1998).

He directed Lito Lapid in the movies for Regal Films such as Huwag Mong Ubusin Ang Bait Ko (2000), and Bukas Babaha Ng Dugo (2001), among others.

He appeared in Joel Lamangan's directed film' Mamarazzi (2010).

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