Metro Manila Film Festival Award for Best Child Performer

Metro Manila Film Festival Award for Best Child Performer
Awarded for Best Performance by a Child Actor/Actress
Country Philippines
Presented by MMDA
First awarded 1980
Currently held by Krystal Brimner, Honor Thy Father (2015)
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The Metro Manila Film Festival Award for Best Child Performer is an award presented annually by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA). It was first awarded at the 6th Metro Manila Film Festival ceremony, held in 1980; Julie Vega won the award for her performance in Kape't Gatas and it is given to a child acting in a motion picture.[1] Currently, nominees and winners are determined by Executive Committees, headed by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority Chairman and key members of the film industry.[2]


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Winners and nominees

Key Explanation
double-dagger Indicates the winning actor


Rebecca Lusterio won in 1994 for her performance in Muro-ami.
Year Child Actor Film Role Ref
Julie VegaAward winner Kape't Gatas Wewet [1]
Bentot Jr.Award winner Ang Pagbabalik ng Panday [3]
Dranreb BellezaAward winner Kapitan Kidlat
- - - [4]
Jaypee de Guzman and Ben PelayoAward winner Teng Teng de Sarapen [5]
Chuckie DreyfussAward winner Idol [6]
Katrin GonzalesAward winner Ano ang Kulay ng Mukha ng Diyos? Maripi [7]
Ian de LeonAward winner Halimaw sa Banga [8]
Cheche Sta. AnaAward winner Action Is not Missing [9]
RR HerreraAward winner Agila ng Maynila [10]
Atong RedillasAward winner Ang Mahiwagang Daigdig ni Elias Paniki [11]


Ella Guevara won in 2004 for her role in Sigaw.
Year Child Actor Film Role Ref
Guila AlvarezAward winner Ama Bakit Mo Ako Pinabayaan [12]
VandolphAward winner Espadang Patpat
RR Herrera Andrea, Paano Ba ang Maging Isang Ina?
Aiza SeguerraAward winner Okay Ka Fairy Ko, The Movie Aiza [13]
I.C. MendozaAward winner Shake, Rattle & Roll IV [14]
Sarah Jane AbadAward winner Kung Mawawala Ka Pa [15]
Tom Taus, Jr.Award winner Shake, Rattle & Roll V Charlie [16]
- - - [17]
Agatha TapanAward winner Trudis Liit [18]
- [19]
- [20]
Rebecca LusterioAward winner Muro-ami Kalbo [21]


Nash Aguas won in 2006 and 2007 for his roles in Shake, Rattle & Roll 8 & 9 .
Year Child Actor Film Role Ref
- - - [22]
Jiro ManioAward winner Yamashita: The Tiger's Treasure Francis delos Santos [23]
John Wayne SaceAward winner Dekada '70 Benjamin "Bingo" Bartolome [24]
J. A. TadenaAward winner Mano Po 2: My Home [25]
Ella GuevaraAward winner Sigaw Lara [26]
Paul SalasAward winner Shake, Rattle and Roll 2k5 Paul [27]
Nash AguasAward winner Shake, Rattle & Roll 8 Benjo [28]
Nash AguasAward winner Shake, Rattle & Roll 9 Stephen [29]
Robert VillarAward winner Shake, Rattle & Roll X Junie [30]
Robert VillarAward winner Ang Panday Bugoy [31]


Year Child Actor Film Role Ref
Xyriel ManabatAward winner Ang Tanging Ina Mo (Last na 'To!) Monay Montecillo [32]
Bugoy CarinoAward winner Shake, Rattle & Roll 13 Bikbok [33]
Sofia Millares Segunda ManoAngel
Miguel VergaraAward winner One More Try Bochok [34]
Ryzza Mae DizonAward winner My Little Bossings Ching [35]
Ryzza Mae DizonAward winner My Big Bossing's Adventures Jessa, Angel, Biiktoria/Victoria
Krystal BrimnerAward winner Honor Thy Father Angel [36]
Sol de Guzman Buy Now, Die Later
Alonzo Muhlach Beauty and the BestieJumbo
Marco Masa Beauty and the BestieJimbo
Julia & Talia Concio All You Need Is Pag-Ibig Kelsey and Hannah

Multiple awards for Best Child Performer

Throughout the history of Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), there have been actors who received multiple Awards for Best Child Performer. As of 2015 (41st MMFF), 4 actors have received two or more Best Child Performer awards.

Actor Record Set First year awardedRecent year awarded
Ryzza Mae Dizon220132014
Robert Villar20082009
Nash Aguas20062007
RR Herrera19881990


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