Battle of Tournay

Battle of Tournay
Part of the French Revolutionary Wars

Austrian command at the Battle of Tournay
Date22 May 1794
LocationTournay, Belgian
Result Coalition victory
France French Republic  Habsburg Austria
 Great Britain
Province of Hanover Hanover
Commanders and leaders
Charles Pichegru Prince Josias of Coburg
ca 45,000 ca 28,000
Casualties and losses
5,500 killed or wounded,
450 captured,
7 cannons lost
3,000 killed or wounded

The Battle of Tournay or Tournai was fought on 22 May 1794 as part of the Flanders Campaign in the Belgian province of Hainaut on the Schelde River (about 80 km southwest of Brussels) between French forces under General Pichegru and Coalition forces (Austrian, British, and Hanoverian troops) under Prince Josias of Coburg, in which the Coalition forces were victorious.

Tournai 1794

In the course of the battle, the enemy forces changed possession of the village Pont-a-Chin four times, until finally the French had to retreat.[1]

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Coordinates: 50°36′00″N 3°23′00″E / 50.6000°N 3.3833°E / 50.6000; 3.3833

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