Siege of Saint-Florent

Siege of Saint-Florent
Part of the French Revolutionary Wars
Date7 February to 18 February 1794
LocationSaint-Florent, Corsica, France
Result Anglo-Corsican Victory
France French Republic Kingdom of Great Britain Great Britain
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Great Britain Sir David Dundas
Kingdom of Great Britain Lord Hood
Kingdom of Great Britain Horatio Nelson
Casualties and losses
102 casualties
100 prisoners
2 frigates[1]

The Siege of Saint-Florent took place in February 1794 during the French Revolutionary War when a British force joined with Corsican partisans to capture the French garrison town of Saint-Florent, Corsica.

After a blockade by Royal Navy ships under Horatio Nelson, a landing was made and British troops were put ashore where they joined with around 1,200 Corsicans. The town was dominated by two defensive towers, one to the north at Mortella Point and the other at the strong Convention Redoubt. Once these had been taken the town agreed to surrender and the British fleet under Lord Hood was able to sail into its harbour.[2] A large number of its defenders were able to escape to Bastia where they participated in its defence.

Saint-Florent was one of three major French garrisons on Corsica. The Anglo-Corsican forces successfully followed it up by capturing Bastia in May and Calvi in August 1794.


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Coordinates: 42°40′55″N 9°18′08″E / 42.6819°N 9.3021°E / 42.6819; 9.3021

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