Battle of Epierre

Battle of Epierre
Part of the French Revolutionary Wars

View of Epierre and the surrounding mountains
Date15 September 1793
LocationÉpierre, Savoie, France
Result French victory
France Republican France  Kingdom of Sardinia
Commanders and leaders
France François Kellermann
France Jean Denis Ledoyen
Kingdom of Sardinia Duke of Montferrat
Kingdom of Sardinia Marquis of Cordon
8,000 6,000
Casualties and losses
500 1,000

The Battle of Epierre (15 September 1793) was part of a larger War of the First Coalition campaign that pitted a Republican French army led by François Christophe de Kellermann against a Kingdom of Sardinia-Piedmont army commanded by the Duke of Montferrat. Under the overall leadership of the Austrian commander in chief Joseph Nikolaus De Vins, Montferrat launched an offensive in August 1793 to recapture Savoy from the French. Because the French were preoccupied with the Siege of Lyon, the Piedmontese recovered the Maurienne and Tarentaise Valleys, but they were stopped just short of Albertville and the reconquest of Savoy. In September, Kellermann launched a counterattack in which he adroitly switched his troops between valleys in order to drive back the Piedmontese. At Épierre, the French under Jean Denis Ledoyen defeated the Marquis of Cordon in a local action. By 8 October the Piedmontese abandoned all their gains and withdrew to the crests of the Graian Alps.


Coordinates: 45°27′17″N 6°17′43″E / 45.45472°N 6.29528°E / 45.45472; 6.29528

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