Type Weekly newspaper
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) Arutz Sheva
Editor Emanuel Shilo
Founded 2002
Language Hebrew
Headquarters Petah Tikva, Israel
Country Israel
Circulation 130,000
Website inn.co.il/Besheva

B'Sheva (Hebrew: בשבע, "At Seven") is a weekly Hebrew language newspaper published in Israel.

The first issue of B'sheva, published by Arutz Sheva, appeared on July 19, 2002. It is distributed free on Thursdays in religious population centers. The paper is read by 130,000 families and has been rated the largest circulation newspaper in Israel's religious sector.[1]

In a TGI survey comparing the last half of 2009 with the same period in 2008, B'Sheva was fourth in market share for weekly newspapers.[2]

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