AMIT Children Inc.
Founded May 10, 1925 (1925-05-10)
Founder Bessie Gotsfeld[1]
Type 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
Headquarters New York City, New York[2]
Debbie Moed[3]
Suzanne Doft[1]
Hattie Dubroff[1]
Affiliations AMIT Israel[2]
Revenue (2013)
Expenses (2013) $9,027,254[2]
Endowment $200,000[2]
Employees (2013)
Volunteers (2013)
Slogan "Building Israel One Child at a Time"
Mission To provide underprivileged children in Israel with family-centered childcare and to operate a network of quality schools in Israel within a religious Zionist framework.[2]
Formerly called
Mizrachi Women's Organization of America,
American Mizrachi Women,
Amit Women[4]

AMIT (Hebrew acronym for Organization for Volunteers for Judaism and Torah, English acronym for Americans for Israel and Torah, and a homonym in Hebrew for friend) is an American Jewish religious Zionist volunteer organization, dedicated to education in Israel. AMIT operates more than 110 schools and programs providing a religious Jewish education while incorporating academic and technological studies.

AMIT maintains a balance of 70% of its schools in the periphery and 30% in the more affluent center of Israel. When new schools are admitted to the network, this balance is maintained.

AMIT's current focus is on raising bagrut scores across the reshet ("network"), maintaining high levels of military service among graduates, and training the next generation of its teachers. There is also an ongoing campaign to renovate the physical buildings at Kfar Blatt and Beit Hayeled which were last updated in the early eighties.


AMIT was founded on May 10, 1925 by Bessie Gotsfeld, and was then known as the Mizrachi Women's Organization of America.[5] It officially incorporated on October 2, 1930.[4] As early as 1934, AMIT was at the forefront of Youth children from Europe and their resettlement in Palestine. In the years ahead, and immediately following the end of the war in Europe, AMIT participated in the resettlement of thousands of children — many of them orphans — who survived the Holocaust.

The survivors of the Holocaust were followed by the large influx of Jews from North Africa and the Arab countries in 1948-49. Again, AMIT's resources were tested as its facilities were flooded by the pressing needs of tens of thousands of newly arrived immigrant children. In 1955, the first contingent of Ethiopian Jews arrived and in the 1970s, the great Russian immigration began. With each new development in Israel's history AMIT responded, opening new schools and facilities to meet the demands of a growing population of children in need.

In 1981, AMIT was designated by the Israeli government as its official Reshet (network) for religious secondary technological education. This landmark event set the stage for a major expansion of AMIT's educational facilities (which continues to this day) as municipalities with faltering school systems seek out AMIT to take over and dramatically improve their local facilities.

AMIT Today

AMIT operates 110 schools, youth villages, surrogate family residences and other programs, constituting Israel’s only government-recognized network of religious Jewish education incorporating academic and technological studies.

List of AMIT Schools



  • AMIT Rambam Religious Elementary
  • AMIT Kennedy Junior and Senior High School


  • AMIT Yehuda Junior and Senior High School And Yeshiva
  • AMIT Yeshivat Hesder


  • Yeshivat AMIT Ashdod
  • AMIT Mekif Bet Ashdod
  • AMIT Mekif Yud Ashdod
  • Midreshet Be'er Ashdod


  • AMIT Fred Kahane Technological School


  • AMIT Wasserman Junior and Senior High School
  • Dina and Moses Dyckman Ulpanat AMIT
  • AMIT Daisy Berman Yeshiva
  • AMIT Elaine Silver Technological High School
  • AMIT Rambam Elementary School
  • AMIT Afikim B'Negev Elementary School
  • AMIT Torani Madai Netivei AM Elementary School
  • AMIT Or Hammer Elementary School
  • Neot Avraham Elementary School

Beit Shemesh

  • AMIT Schachar Junior and Senior High School for Girls
  • AMIT Dvir Junior and Senior High School for Boys
  • AMIT Bellows Ulpanat Noga

Givat Shmuel

  • Ulpanat AMIT Givat Shmuel


  • AMIT Anna Teich Ulpanat Haifa

Hatzor HaGlilit

  • AMIT Hatzor Hagilit Junior and Senior High School
  • AMIT Honi HaMe'agel Elementary School for Girls
  • AMIT Shevet Sofer Elementary School for Boys


  • AMIT Frisch Beit Hayeled
  • Midreshet AMIT
  • AMIT Nordlicht Religious Technological School
  • AMIT State Technological High School
  • Reishit Yerushalyim Elementary School


  • AMIT Karmiel Junior and Senior High School

Kiryat Malachi

  • AMIT Kiryat Malachi Junior and Senior High School
  • AMIT Etzion Elementary School
  • AMIT Harel Elementary School
  • AMIT Netzach Israel Elementary School

Ma'ale Adumim

  • AMIT Junior and Senior High School for Boys
  • AMIT Wasserman Torah, Arts, and Sciences Junior and Senior High school for Girls
  • AMIT Tzemach HaSade Elementary School
  • AMIT Sde Hemed Elementary School
  • AMIT Yaffe Nof Elementary School

Mateh Yehuda

  • AMIT Even Ha Ezer Elementary School
  • AMIT HaElah Elementary School
  • AMIT Lavi Elementary School
  • AMIT Matityahu Elementary School
  • Yeshivat AMIT Nachshon


  • AMIT Chemdat Elementary School


  • AMIT Modi'in


  • AMIT Bar Ilan High School
  • AMIT Rambam Religious Elementary School

Or Akiva

  • AMIT Atidim Junior and Senior High School
  • AMIT Ofek Technological High School
  • AMIT Rothschild Elementary School
  • AMIT Etzion Religious Elementary School
  • AMIT Rabbi Akiva Religious Elementary School
  • AMIT Nechamia Tamari Elementary School
  • AMIT Hannah Senesh Elementary School

Petach Tikvah

  • AMIT Kfar Blatt Youth Village
  • AMIT Wurzweiler Agricultural and Technological High School
  • Yeshivat AMIT Eliraz High School
  • Yeshivat AMIT Kfar Ganim
  • AMIT Junior College
  • Yeshivat HaHEsder Orot Shual Petach Tikva
  • AMIT Menorat HaMaor Haredi Track


  • AMIT Renanim Junior and Senior Science and Technology High School for Girls
  • AMIT Kfar Batya Youth Village
  • AMIT Gruss Agricultural and Technological School and AMIT Schiff Junior High School
  • AMIT Bienenfeld Hevruta Yeshiva and Kollel
  • AMIT Gwen Straus Junior and Senior Science High School for Boys and Yeshiva Track
  • AMIT School of Society and Law
  • AMIT Noam

Ramat Gan

  • AMIT Ginsburg Bar Ilan Gush Dan Junior and Senior High School for Boys


  • AMIT Ramle Technological High School


  • AMIT Gould Junior and Senior High School for Girls
  • AMIT Hammer Junior and Senior High School for Boys
  • Yeshivat AMIT Amichai

Rosh Pina

  • AMIT Pre-Army Religious Studies Program (Mechina)


  • AMIT Sderot Religious Junior and Senior High School
  • Ulpanat AMIT Shirat
  • AMIT Sderot Gutwirth Junior and Senior High School
  • AMIT HaRoeh Elementary School
  • AMIT Torani Mada'i Elementary School
  • AMIT Torani Chadash Elementary School
  • Yeshivat Hesder of Sderot, AMIT Track


  • AMIT Beatrice and Irving Stone Meysharim School

Tel Aviv

  • AMIT Eisenberg Junior and Senior High School for Girls


  • AMIT Florin Taman Junior and Senior High School for Boys
  • AMIT Tzfat Junior and Senior Yeshiva Track
  • AMIT Florin Taman Junior and Senior High School for Girls
  • AMIT Tzfat Evelyn Schreiber Junior and Senior Ulpana High School Track


  • Kamah School
  • AMIT Kol Yaakov Elementary School
  • Midreshet Be'er Yerucham
  • Yeshivat AMIT B'levav Shalem

Archival Materials

The American Jewish Historical Society received a large donation of archival material and photographs related to AMIT and the organization's projects in Israel. The collection was minimally processed over the Summer 2011 and is available for research.

Photographs and materials relating to the Baltimore chapters' history are archived at the Jewish Museum of Maryland and can be viewed through their online collections.

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