List of newspapers in Israel

Entrance of Beit Sokolov, house of the Israeli Journalists Association

This list of newspapers in Israel is a list of newspapers printed and distributed in the State of Israel. Most of them are published in Hebrew, but there are also newspapers catering to Arabic speakers, and newspapers catering to immigrants speaking a variety of other languages, such as Russian, English and French.

Reuters correspondent Tova Cohen described Israeli society in 2012 as "news-obsessed."[1] Israel has a high newspaper readership rate, due to a combination of high literacy rate and a cultural interest in politics and current affairs. Average weekday readership of newspapers in Israel is around 21 papers per 100 people, although many Israelis end up reading more than one paper.

National newspapers

Name Translation Language(s) Frequency Founded Owner Notes
B'Sheva At Seven Hebrew Weekly 2002 Arutz Sheva Aimed at Religious Zionists
Calcalist The Economist Hebrew Daily 2008 Yedioth Ahronoth Group Business news
Courier Russian Daily 1991 Israel Libo Feigin
Globes Hebrew Daily 1983 Fishman Group Business news
Haaretz The Land Hebrew, English Daily 1919 Haaretz Group
Hamodia The Informer Hebrew, English, French Daily 1950 World Agudath Israel Aimed at Haredi Jews
Israel Hayom Israel Today Hebrew Daily 2007 Sheldon Adelson Free newspaper
Israel Post Hebrew Daily 2007 Eli Azur Free newspaper
Al-Ittihad The Union Arabic Daily 1944 Maki
The Jerusalem Post English, French Daily 1932 Eli Azur Formerly the Palestine Post
Kul al-Arab All Arabs Arabic Weekly 1987 Al-Arab Group
Maariv Evening Hebrew Daily 1948 Eli Azur
Al-Madina The City Arabic Weekly 2004 Rana Asali
Makor Rishon Primary Source Hebrew Weekly 1997 Sheldon Adelson Aimed at Religious Zionists
TheMarker Hebrew Daily 2008 Haaretz Group Business news
Vesti News Russian Daily 1992 Yedioth Ahronoth Group
Yated Ne'eman Reliable Basis Hebrew Daily 1985 Degel HaTorah Aimed at Haredi Jews
Yedioth Ahronoth Latest News Hebrew Daily 1939 Yedioth Ahronoth Group


The following are the Israeli newspapers exposure rates according to the Target Group Index (TGI) survey for the first half of 2016.[2]

Name Weekday
(Friday) %
B'Sheva 7.7
Globes 4.6 2.8
Haaretz 3.9 4.3
Israel Hayom 39.7 37.6
Israel Post 7.2
Maariv 3.9 5.5
Makor Rishon 3.5
Yedioth Ahronoth 34.9 37.7

Local newspapers

Tel Aviv

Defunct newspapers

Israeli press, 1949

During the Mandate era and the first decades following independence, there were numerous newspapers owned and associated with political parties. They had mostly been discontinued by the 1970s, though a few remain, including Hamodia (Agudat Yisrael), al-Ittihad (Maki) and Yated Ne'eman (Degel HaTorah).


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