Arundel Cricket Club

Arundel Cricket Club
Established: 1704 (1704)
Home venue: Arundel Cricket Club, Arundel

Arundel Cricket Club are a cricket club in the town of Arundel in West Sussex, England, which was founded in 1704.[1] The club's first XI plays in Division 1 of the West Sussex Invitation League[2] They currently have three Saturday League sides, a Club (Friendly) XI and multiple Junior teams ranging from U10s to U16s.

The earliest known mention of an Arundel team is a match in 1702 when a team formed by Charles Lennox, 1st Duke of Richmond played against them at an unknown venue. The source for this is a receipt sent by one Saul Bradley to the Duke on Monday, 14 December 1702, in respect of 1s 6d paid by the Duke "for brandy when your Grace plaid (sic) at Cricket with Arundel men".[3] The venue was probably either Goodwood, where Richmond had his estate, or Bury Hill which was used for cricket in later years. This is a significant match in cricket history, being one of the earliest games in which the names of both teams are known.[4][5]


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