Hertfordshire county cricket teams

Cricket must have reached Hertfordshire by the end of the 17th century. The earliest reference to cricket in the county is dated 1732 and is also the earliest reference to Essex as a county team. On Thursday, 6 July 1732, a team called Essex & Hertfordshire played London Cricket Club in an important match at Epping Forest "for £50 a side". The result is unknown.[1][2]

Hertfordshire has not usually been considered a first-class county but its teams did appear frequently throughout the 18th century and played in some matches classified as important. There was a county organisation of sorts in 1838 and the present Hertfordshire County Cricket Club was founded on 8 March 1876. It joined the Minor Counties Championship for the very first season, 1895, and is the only one of the seven competing sides from that season to have maintained membership continuously ever since.[3]


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