Berkshire county cricket teams

Berkshire county cricket teams
Established: before 1769
Last match: 1795
Home venue: Old Field, at Bray near Maidenhead
Notable players: Thomas Waymark

Berkshire county cricket teams have been traced back to the 18th century but the county's involvement in cricket goes back much further than that. Given that the first definite mention of cricket anywhere in the world is dated c.1550 at Guildford in neighbouring Surrey, it is almost certain that the game had reached Berkshire by the 16th century.[1]

17th century

As elsewhere in south east England, cricket became established in Berkshire during the 17th century and the earliest village matches took place before the English Civil War. It is believed that the earliest county teams were formed in the aftermath of the Restoration in 1660.[1]

18th century

Berkshire had a leading county team in the 18th century, particularly in the period from c.1769 to 1795. The team is recognised as having important match status during that time. The county organisation was centred on the Old Field aka Maidenhead Cricket Club which played at Old Field, Bray. This club was usually representative of the county.[2] [3][4] Noted Berkshire players included Thomas Waymark and George T. Boult.

19th century

The present Berkshire County Cricket Club was formed in 1895 but it has never had first-class status, always being a member of the Minor Counties Championship.[5]


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