Coulsdon Cricket Club

Coulsdon Cricket Club was based at Coulsdon, Surrey, and was briefly a top-class team. The club is believed to have been formed in the early 1760s and it had for a time a great rivalry with Chertsey Cricket Club.


Coulsdon is first recorded as a cricket team on Monday 8 May 1769 when a combined Coulsdon and Caterham team played All-England at Smitham Bottom in nearby Croydon. The result is unknown.[1] The club's last known match in 1784 was against Chertsey at Laleham Burway and they lost that by 313 runs.[2] In most of Coulsdon's matches, the result is unknown, but the team did defeat Sussex in 1775.

One of the club's most notable players was William Palmer.


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