Anastasia of Serbia

Ana / Anastasija
Grand Princess consort of Serbia
Tenure fl. 1196
Died June 22, 1200
Burial Studenica monastery
Spouse Stefan Nemanja
House Nemanjić dynasty (by marriage)

Ana (Serbian Cyrillic: Ана); fl. 1196–d. June 22, 1200) was the princess consort of the Serbian Principality as the wife of Stefan Nemanja (r. 1166–1196). She was of noble descent. Ana took monastic vows in 1196 and was baptized Anastasia, after Anastasia of Sirmium. She is venerated by the Serbian Orthodox Church as Saint Anastasija (Света Анастасија) with her feast day on June 22 (Julian calendar).

Theories of origin

Her origins have never been concluded. The oldest source mentioning her origin was Domentijan (c. 1210 – after 1264), who said of her: "a great princess, daughter of the Byzantine Emperor Romanos", only Romanos IV Diogenes ruled 1068–71, making this genealogy impossible.

Stefan Nemanja and Ana Nemanjić overseeing the works of Studenica monastery.

Marriage and descendants

Through the marriage with Stefan Nemanja, they had three sons and three daughters:

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Royal titles
Title last held by
Anna Diogene
Princess consort of Serbia
Succeeded by
Eudokia Angelina


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