Beloslava of Bulgaria

Queen of Serbia
Tenure 1234–1243
Spouse Stefan Vladislav I
House AsenNemanjić
Father Ivan Asen II of Bulgaria
Mother Anna

Beloslava (Bulgarian: Белослава) was a Bulgarian princess and Queen consort of Serbia between 1234 and 1243), wife of king Stefan Vladislav I.


Beloslava was the daughter of tsar Ivan Asen II of Bulgaria and his first wife Anna (religious name Anisia), mentioned in the Synodik of the Bulgarian Church. The couple had another daughter - Maria, who married Manuel of Epirus. It is possible that Beloslava and her sister Maria were illegitimate children of Ivan Asen because his first marriage with Anna was not recognized by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. But there was no dоubt about the noble birth his daughters so both were married with people of high aristocratic status.

After the battle of Klokotnitsa, Bulgaria become first politic power on the Balkans and Beloslava was married to Serbian prince Stefan Vladislav. The marriage was arranged by his uncle Rastko Nemanjić in order to secure good relations between the Kingdom of Serbia and the Bulgarian Empire.

In 1234 a Bulgarian-aided coup d'état in Serbia toppled king Stefan Radoslav, a son-in-law and protégé of the despotes Theodore of Epirus, and replaced him with Stefan Vladislav, who was his half-brother. So Beloslava become the new queen consort of Serbia.

Bulgarian political influence in Serbia ended after the dead of tsar Ivan Asen II during the invasions of Tatars in Western Europe. In 1243, Stefan Vladislav was overthrown by his younger brother, Stefan Uroš I, and Beloslava fled to Ragusa. The new Serbian king insisted that she should be kept under strict control and, in response, received an oath, in writing, stating that Beloslava would not be allowed to return to Serbia.

Soon, the conflict between Stefan Vladislav I and Stefan Uroš I was solved. After negotiations Vladislav renounced the crown and Uroš allowed him to rule Zeta as governor while keeping the title of king. Soon after, Beloslava returned and joined him maintaining also the title of queen.


Beloslava and Stefan Vladislav had three children:


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Royal titles
Title last held by
Anna Angelina
Queen consort of Serbia
Succeeded by
Helen of Anjou
Preceded by
Stefan Radoslav
as Grand Prince of Zeta
Queen of Zeta
With: Vladislav I (King)
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