Komnena Nemanjić

Komnena Nemanjić
Duchess consort of Kruja and Elbasan
Tenure fl. 1208–1215
Spouse Dimitri Progoni (1208–1215)
Gregory Kamonas (after 1215)
Dynasty Nemanjić
Father Stephen II Nemanjić
Mother Eudokia Angelina

Komnena Nemanjić (Serbian Cyrillic: Комнина Немањић; fl. 1208–1215) was the Duchess consort of Dimitri Progoni, the megas archon of Kruja, and later Gregory Kamonas, the archon of Elbasan. She was the daughter of Serbian King Stephen II Nemanjić (r. 1196–1228).[1]


Komnena was born to King Stephen II and his wife Eudokia Angelina, and was thus a niece of Emperor Alexios III Angelos.[1] She had three brothers: Stephen Radoslav (r. 1228–1233), Stephen Vladislav I (r. 1233–1243) and Predislav (the third Serbian Archbishop as Saint Sava II, after uncle Sava).

She married Dimitri in 1208, and a brief alliance was formed between Serbia and Arbanon amidst conflicts with the Republic of Venice. After Dimitrii died in 1215, the power was left to Komnena,[2] who shortly afterwards married Greco-Albanian lord Gregory Kamonas. He assumed control over Kruja,[3] strengthening relations with Serbia, which had been weakened after a Serbian assault on Shkodër.

She had a daughter with Gregorios who married Golem of Kruja.[4]


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