Helena Doukaina Angelina

Not to be confused with the queen-consort of Sicily, Helena Angelina Doukaina.

Helena Doukaina Angelina (Greek: Ἑλένη Δούκαινα Άγγελίνα, Helene Doukaina Angelina; Serbian: Jelena Duka Anđel) was a Greek noblewoman of Thessaly and Queen-consort of medieval Serbia.

Her parents were John I Doukas of Thessaly and his wife Hypomone (a daughter of the Thessalian Vlach chieftain Taronas).[1][2] In ca. 1273/76, Helena married Serbian king Stefan Milutin (r. 1282–1321), but Milutin abandoned her in ca. 1283.[3] It is possible that their sons were Kings Stefan Konstantin and Stefan Dečanski. It seems Helena then returned to Greece.


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