World Harvest Radio International

World Harvest Radio International (WHRI) is a shortwave radio station in the United States, broadcasting conservative religious programming worldwide in the English language on a number of frequencies. Part of the LeSEA Christian broadcasting group, WHRI is based in Cypress Creek, South Carolina, with programs for audiences in Asia broadcast from T8WH in Palau.


WHRI signed on in 1985 with their first service, Angel 1, covering Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. Its 2nd service from WHRI, Angel 2 went on the air in 1987, covering Europe, Central and South America.

In 1993, WHRI opened a second station, KWHR (transmitted from Ka Lae, the southernmost point in Hawaii), which provided Angel 3 covering China and Eastern Asia, expanding in 1997 with Angel 4, covering the South Pacific. The license for KWHR expired in 2009.[1] Angel 3 and Angel 4 now transmit from T8WH in Palau, a station which had originally been built by High Adventure Ministries in the mid-1980s, and operated for some 15 years under the call sign KHBN.

In 1998, its third station, WHRA in Greenbush, Maine, signed on with Angel 5, a signal for Africa and the Middle East. As of November 17, 2009, "WHRA in Greenbush, Maine has signed off the air for good. All equipment has been dismantled. Former frequencies for WHRA have been reassigned for WHRI usage."[2]

WHRI also operates Angel 6 with a signal primarily for Mexico.

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Coordinates: 32°40′54″N 81°07′48″W / 32.6816°N 81.1299°W / 32.6816; -81.1299

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