Westdale, Los Angeles

Westdale is a neighborhood in the Westside region of Los Angeles, California. It is represented by and has representatives on the Mar Vista Community Council.

Its boundaries are National Boulevard on the north, Palms Boulevard on the south, Bundy Boulevard on the west, and Sepulveda Boulevard on the east. There is also a neighborhood called North Westdale across National Boulevard.


Originally known as Steven's Ranch, with citrus orchards and bean fields, Westdale was developed in 1947 by real estate developer Paul Trousdale (1915-1990). He hired architect Allen Siple (1900-1973) to design the homes. He worked with Siple on two other new neighborhoods he developed, the earlier 1940s Tahquitz River Estates in Palm Springs, and the later 1950s Trousdale Estates in Beverly Hills.[1]

Trousdale built 450 single-story tract homes in the original development.[2][3][4][5] Early residents were soldiers back from the Second World War using the GI Bill, who moved to Southern California after serving in the Pacific Theater.[2][3] Over time, two additional tracts were added to Westdale.[2]

Present day

There are now 900 homes in Westdale.[2] Most were built in the 1940s, and many gardens have old citrus trees dating back to the original orchard.[2] The architecture styles include Ranch-style, American Colonial Revival, Monterey Colonial Revival, and Regency Revival.[2]

The Westdale Homeowners' Association publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Westdale Villager.[2][6]


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