Two in a Crowd

Two in a Crowd

Joel McCrea and Joan Bennett in Two in a Crowd
Directed by Alfred E. Green
Produced by E.M. Asher (associate producer)
Charles R. Rogers (executive producer)
Written by Lewis R. Foster
Doris Malloy
Earle Snell
Lewis R. Foster (story)
Melville Baker (uncredited)
Edward E. Paramore Jr. (uncredited)
Samuel Hoffenstein (uncredited)
Starring Joan Bennett
Joel McCrea
Music by Heinz Roemheld
Clifford Vaughan
Cinematography Joseph A. Valentine
Edited by Milton Carruth
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release dates
Running time
85 min
Country USA
Language English

Two in a Crowd (1936) is a romantic comedy film directed by Alfred E. Green, starring Joan Bennett and Joel McCrea, and released by Universal Pictures. The screenplay was written by Lewis R. Foster, Doris Malloy, and Earle Snell, based on story by Lewis R. Foster.


Larry Stevens is about to be evicted by landlady Lillie for not paying his rent. He happens to be passing by, as does Julia Wayne, when two halves of a ripped $1,000 bill float down to the street.

Up above, gangster Bonelli has been handing out thousands to his girls. One who's angry with him has torn it and tossed it out the window.

Skeeter, a jockey, joins up with Julia and Larry as they discuss what to do with the money. Julia has a $500 debt she needs to repay. Larry wants to use it to enter his horse Hector's Pal in a big race.

The money was stolen from a bank where Larry takes the torn $1,000 bill. A suspicious detective, Flynn, begins to follow Larry, who also attracts the attention of unemployed actor Anthony and bank cashier Bennett, who want a piece of the action.

Larry is in love with Julia and wants to help fulfill her dream of performing in a show. A theatrical producer pretends to hire her on talent, but secretly has schemed with Larry to finance the show if his horse wins the race. Julia races to the race track to see how it all turns out.


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