A Double-Dyed Deceiver

A Double-Dyed Deceiver
Directed by Alfred E. Green
Produced by Goldwyn Pictures
Written by Edward T. Lowe Jr.
Based on a story, "Double-Dyed Deceiver", by O. Henry c.1905
Starring Jack Pickford
Cinematography Clyde R. Cook
Distributed by Goldwyn Pictures
Release dates
June 1920
Running time
50 minutes
Country United States
Language Silent (English intertitles)

A Double-Dyed Deceiver is a lost[1] 1920 American silent crime-drama film directed by Alfred E. Green and starring Jack Pickford. It was produced and distributed by the Goldwyn Pictures company.[2]


As described in a film magazine,[3] The Llano Kid (Pickford), after killing a Mexican in Texas, flees to Buennas Tierras, South America. The American counsel, seeking to rob an aristocratic Spanish family whose son disappeared years ago, schemes to use the Kid as a fence by having him pose as the lost son. The Kid is received royally by the family and for the first time he experiences love. Transformed through the experience of motherly love, the Kid rebels and he refuses to rob his benefactors. Instead, he falls in love with a relative and stays with the family.



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