South of Pago Pago

South of Pago Pago

Directed by Alfred E. Green
Produced by Edward Small
Written by George Bruce
Kenneth Gamet
Starring Victor McLaglen
Jon Hall
Frances Farmer
Music by Edward Ward
Cinematography John J. Mescall
Edited by Ray Curtiss
Edward Small Productions
Distributed by United Artists
Release dates
  • July 19, 1940 (1940-07-19) (United States)
Running time
98 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $800,000[1]

South of Pago Pago is a 1940 American South Seas adventure film directed by Alfred E. Green starring Victor McLaglen, Jon Hall and Frances Farmer.[2]


In the 1880s a group of ruthless adventurers look for pearls in the Pacific Islands.



The movie was in pre-production for a number of years with Jon Hall attached to star from the beginning. Sigrid Gurie was originally announced to costar.[3]

Production of the film was temporarily postponed due to World War II.[4] For a time it seemed Clayton Moore might be cast instead of Hall but Hall was given the role in the end.[5]

Second unit footage was shot in American Samoa[6] with four weeks shooting in Hawaii.[7] However most location work was done near Long Beach, Los Angeles.[8]


Reviews were poor.[9]


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