For the former Tommerup municipality, see Tommerup municipality.

Tommerup is a town in central Denmark with a population of 1,609 (1 January 2014),[1] located in Assens municipality on the island of Funen.

Near Tommerup there is the tallest construction in Denmark (except Greenland), the 321.3 metre tall guyed mast of Brylle transmitter.

Although Tommerup was the municipal seat of the former Tommerup Municipality, it was just the second largest town of the municipality, surpassed by Tommerup Stationsby.


  1. BEF44: Population 1st January, by urban areas database from Statistics Denmark

Coordinates: 55°19′16″N 10°12′46″E / 55.32120°N 10.21279°E / 55.32120; 10.21279

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