Glamsbjerg (Denmark)

Glamsbjerg is a town in central Denmark with a population of 3,205 (1 January 2013),[1] located in Assens municipality on the island of Funen in Region of Southern Denmark.

Glamsbjerg is a comparatively new town in Denmark. It came to be in 1884 when the OdenseAssens railroad was opened. Many of the houses in Glamsbjerg are from 1900.

Before Glamsbjerg was a "town" it was a village in Køng parish. It appears on the first page of the Køng churchbook (parish register) in 1687 at the baptism of Jeppe, son of Simon Ibsen of Glamsberg. The spelling "Glamsbjerg" first appears in 1694. In the 1801 census, the population of Glamsbjerg was 158 persons in 32 households.

Krengerup, a large Neoclassical manor house and estate, is located some 4 km (2.5 mi) to the north of Glamsbjerg.[2]

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Coordinates: 55°16′N 10°07′E / 55.267°N 10.117°E / 55.267; 10.117

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