Area code 767

Coordinates: 15°27′13″N 61°20′52″W / 15.45368°N 61.34766°W / 15.45368; -61.34766 Area code 767 is the local telephone area code of the Commonwealth of Dominica, within the North American Numbering Plan. Area 767 was created in or about October 1997 by a split from area 809, which formerly covered 19 Caribbean territories. The number 767 corresponds to the letters ROS and may be mnemonic for Roseau, Dominica's capital city.

In 2013, popular Dominican bouyon band WCK released a single called "767" celebrating the area code's association with the country.[1]

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Dominica area codes: 767
North: Country code +590 in Guadeloupe
West: Caribbean Sea Area code 767 East: Atlantic Ocean
South: Country code +596 in Martinique
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