Tarleton Academy

Coordinates: 53°41′07″N 2°49′48″W / 53.6854°N 2.8301°W / 53.6854; -2.8301

Tarleton Academy
Established 1961
Type Secondary Academy
Headteacher Mrs Gwinnett
Location Tarleton
Local authority Lancashire
Students 573 pupils
Ages 11–16
Website Tarleton Academy

Tarleton Academy is a secondary Academy situated in Tarleton, Lancashire, England and is under the headship of Mrs.Gwinnett. It caters for 11 to 16-year-olds.[1]


The school has its own swimming pool facilities,[2] which it operates itself and is used by local primary schools. In 2003, the school celebrated success in securing a £850,000 bid to build a new sports hall, after going 30 years without one. The sports hall can accommodate four badminton courts, and was completed in 2004.[3] The hall is available to the public by casual and block bookings.

Academy status

In late November 2011, as part of the school's conversion to Academy status, the Governing Body announced that the school would be renamed as Tarleton Academy from January 2012.


The pupils at Tarleton Academy are split into 4 houses which are named after British athletes, who notably made an impact in the London 2012 Olympics.

Farah - Mr Evans

Wiggins - Miss Roberts

Ennis - Mr Fletcher

Daley - Miss Ashford

Notable former pupils


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