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Logo of TG1, since 2012
Starring See Presenters
Country of origin Italy
Original language(s) Italian
No. of episodes N/A
Running time 35 mins.
Original network Rai 1
Picture format 16:9 HDTV
Original release September 10, 1952 – present
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TG1 (TeleGiornale 1) is the brand for Italian state-owned TV channel Rai 1's news programmes. They are shown domestically on Rai 1 and across the world on Raitalia, several times throughout the day. The journalist Mario Orfeo is the current editor-in-chief. It was launched in 1952 as simply Telegiornale, which was later renamed as TG1 in 1975-1976. From 1992-1993 it was named Telegiornale Uno before reverting to the TG1 name.

Programme format

The programme is generally presented by a single newsreader but with additional newsreaders for the sports. Most items will be made up of reports and are generally preceded and followed by the correspondent reporting live from the scene of the report. The programme is followed by a weather report known as Meteo and a financial news report, known as TG1 Economia.

Criticism and controversies

The Undersecretary to Communications Paolo Romani, member of The People of Freedom, in an interview with the newspaper Il Tempo, has defined that the TG1 "seems politically affiliate with the Centre-left".[1]

However it is criticized by the newspaper la Repubblica[2] for political bias in favour of The People of Freedom party and its leader Silvio Berlusconi, when the politician Antonio Di Pietro requested the dismissal of the editor in chief of TG1 Augusto Minzolini, comparing him to Emilio Fede, editor-in-chief of a newscast broadcated by one of the television channels personally owned by Silvio Berlusconi.[3]

Opening Theme

The theme song for the newscast is the most important part to signify the start of the news and its headlines of the day. This is done by an orchestra since its debut in 1952, although the arrangement has been modernised several times, most recently in 2010.

Directors of TG1

Name Directors Time
Telegiornale Vittorio Veltroni 1954–1956
Massimo Rendina 1956–1959
Leone Piccioni 1959–1961
Enzo Biagi 1961–1962
Giorgio Vecchietti 1962–1965
Fabiano Fabiani 1965–1967
Villy De Luca 1967–1976
Tg1 Emilio Rossi 1976–1980
Franco Colombo 1980–1981
Emilio Fede 1981–1982 ad interim
Albino Longhi 1982–1987
Nuccio Fava 1987–1990
Bruno Vespa 1990–1992
Telegiornale Uno 1992–1993
Albino Longhi 1993 ad interim
Demetrio Volcic 1993
Tg1 1993–1994
Carlo Rossella 1994–1996
Nuccio Fava 1996–1997
Rodolfo Brancoli 1997
Marcello Sorgi 1997–1998
Giulio Borrelli 1998–2000
Gad Lerner 2000
Albino Longhi 2000–2002
Clemente J. Mimun 2002–2006
Gianni Riotta 2006–2009
Andrea Giubilo 2009 ad interim
Augusto Minzolini 2009–2011
Alberto Maccari 2011–2012 ad interim
Mario Orfeo 2012 –

Key People

Director: Mario Orfeo

Central Managing Editor: Marialuisa Busi

Chief Editor: Daniele Valentini

Deputy Chief Editor: Alessandra Mancusco

Editions and Presenters

Tg1 ore 06:30

From Monday to Friday at 6:30 (5–12 minutes). Presenters:

Tg1 ore 07:00

From Monday to Sunday at 07:00 (5-10 minutes). Presenters:

Tg1 Flash L.I.S.

From Monday to Friday at 07:30 (2-5 minutes). This edition is LIS. Presenters:

Tg1 Mattina

From Monday to Sunday at 08:00 (18-30 minutes). Presenters:

Tg1 ore 9:00

From Monday to Sunday at 9:00 (5-6 minutes) Presenters:

Tg1 Flash

From Monday to Sunday at 09:30 (5 minutes). Weekend's editions are LIS. Presenters:

Tg1 ore 11:00

From Monday to Friday at 11:00 (5 minutes). In summer time, it's at 10:00am CEST. Presenters:

Tg1 ore 13:30

From Monday to Sunday at 13:30 (10-30 minutes). Presenters:

Tg1 Economia

From Monday to Friday at 14:00 (5–8 minutes). Presenters:

Tg1 ore 16:30

From Monday to Sunday between 16:30-17:00 hour (3–11 minutes) Presenters:

TG1 ore 20:00

From Monday to Sunday at 20:00 (30-36 minutes). Presenters:

Tg1 60 Secondi

From Monday to Sunday at around the 23:00 hour nearly (1 minute). Presenters:

Speciale Tg1

This airs only on Sunday at around the 23:00 hour. This show is cared by Amedo Martorelli. The coordination edition was presented by Sergio Fratini and Massimo Proietti

Tg1 Notte

From Monday to Sunday between 00:00-2:00 hour (30 minutes). Presenters:


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