Rai News24

Rai News 24
Launched April 26, 1999
Owned by Rai
Picture format 16:9 (576i, SDTV)
Audience share 0.53% (July 2016, [1])
Slogan All news. All new.
Country Italy
Language Italian
Broadcast area Europe
North America
Headquarters Rome, Italy
Formerly called RaiNews 24 (1999–2010)
Rai News (2010–2013)
Website www.rainews24.rai.it
Digital LCN 48
Hotbird Free-To-Air
Astra 19.2°E Free-To-Air
Sky (Italy) Channel 506
Cyfra+ (Poland) Channel 145
Dish Network (USA) Channel 9847
CanalDigitaal (Netherlands) Channel 229
Cablecom (Switzerland) Channel 103
Channel 212 (digital CH-D)
MC Cable (Monaco) Channel 200
Naxoo (Switzerland) Channel 189
Numericable (France) Channel 79
Rogers Cable (Canada) Channel 795
NOS (Portugal) Channel 202
TV di FASTWEB Channel 82
Alice Home TV Channel 506
Infostrada TV Channel 506
Bell Fibe TV
Channel 702
Streaming media
Rainews24.rai.it Live Streaming
Sling TV Internet Protocol television
Logo from 2006-2010

Rai News 24 is Italy's first non-stop news and information channel, broadcast on digital terrestrial television in Italy and via satellite around Europe and North America.


RaiNews 24 screen capture, 1999

This public all-news channel was created on April 26, 1999 thanks to a Service Contract between the Italian public television network RAI and the Italian Minister of Communications.

The news channel experiments with an innovative model that combines television, internet and digital technologies. The choice of a multi-screen format, widespread use of video conference connections with correspondents and experts, was significant. The research of the separation from narration of the news and opinions about them is one of the strongest points of this channel. Often, videos are broadcast without commentary, and only some subtitles; so as to not bias the viewer.

In the last two months of 2005 the channel has realized various scoops about the Iraq war, knowing about the use of particular arms like white phosphorus or napalm from the American armed forces and the behaviour in war of some Italian soldiers in Nassiriya. From November 2006, when the Italian journalist Corradino Mineo became chief of the television, the channel use a new graphic, similar to BBC World News, changing its old graphic which was similar to Bloomberg Television. Today the channel is seen in 24 hours from 5.9% of people in the news at 8 pm is followed by 1 million of people, currently is planning to move to HD. In March 2012 the study will change after the change took place in December 2011 graphics it all happened due to the rapid increase in public. Mineo will be substituted within February 2013 because he launched his bid in Italian general election.[2]

On February 24, 2013 at 7:00 am, the channel has resumed its old name Rai News24, at the same time adopting a new news room[3] and a graphical slightly modified: the bumpers and graphics of the network have been updated with the new logo.[4][5]

On September 27, 2015 at 5:15am, the channel has adopted a new news room which is generally all white and improved the graphics design.

On July 11, 2016, the channel has adopted another change in graphics. The logo has changed into a blue box as-well the bottom half of the screen at possibly 5:15am CET, and the clock is now blue at 5:30am CET. The headlines (blue bar) appear to be in a smaller size.


To receive the contents of this news channel 24 hours a day with news bulletins of 15 minutes every half-hour and others 15 minutes of journalistic close examinations about actuality or general news, the weather or economy, it needs the satellite (reception from Hotbird 13° East and Astra 19.2° East) or DVB-T receiver (reception only in Italy); Rai News is available also on IPTV (only in Italy), on Rai 3 from 2 am to 7 am and on Rai 1 from 5.15am to 6am and also via internet streaming internationally. It is also available via Sling TV in the United States. The streaming internet service uses the proprietary format WMV. To reduce the number of bits needed to the coding of the signal, the screen was divided in some windows and the moving signal occupies less than half total pixels, while the other parts of the screen contained what time is in that moment, the titles of the main news, the internet sites where you can deepen the various news and the logo of the program on air in that moment.

Directors of Rai News


Every half-hour, RaiNews24 provides full comprehensive updates with a 25-minute news bulletin, preceded by a national weather forecast.

Other shows:

"Pubblicità" edition


Editions and Presenters

Morning Edition (5:00 to 12:00)

Afternoon Edition (12-5pm)

Evening Edition (5 to 8pm)

Night Edition (8pm to 5am)

Press Review

This is also known as "Rassegna Stampa" in the Italian language. This is done late at night around 11:15pm CET and continues till about 11:50pm CET and then it moves to "Headlines" from around the world. At 00:00am (12am) CET, they do a full press review of going over the headlines that will appear in the Italy's newspapers. After the 00:00am hour, they do a 5-minute press review which mainly focus on the national newspapers. The summer editions of press review are well shorter as they do a quick 5 minutes during the 00:00am CET hour. In the world press review (known as Nel Mondo in Italian language) is done during the second half of the 7am hour at 7:45am CET. They do a press review at 7am, 8:30am and 9:30am. Weekends editions happen at 7:30am.

Programs Conductors

News from CCISS Travel Information

The program is also known as "Notizie dal CCISS Viaggiare Informati" in the Italian language. This airs throughout the day on Rai News 24 with the Italian traffic updates. It doesn't have any exactly time to broadcast.

The Economy

This is also known as "L'Economia" in the Italian language. This is done at 5:30pm CET and then after the show is over, it switches back to the news. This program talks a lot about economies such as stock markets and a few other things


This covers a wide range of news from local, national and sports. This airs right after The Economy program at 6pm (18:00) CET.

Sport 24

This shows covers all sports that are happening around the world. It also bring in guests to talk about the topic of a sport headline. This show started early March 2015 and it airs at 12:30 and 20:30. Each of these broadcast/programing of this show airs for about 20 minutes.

Studio 24

According to @RaiStudio24 Twitter's page, it state that the show focus on "The political deepening of Rainews24."[46] This airs at 10:15am CET each morning and replays in the afternoon at 13:30pm CET.



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