Sudanese gubernatorial elections, 2010

Sudanese gubernatorial elections, 2010

24 of Sudan's 25 governorships
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Leader Omar al-Bashir Salva Kiir Bangassi Joseph Mario Bakosoro
Party National Congress SPLM Independent
Seats before 14 10 0
Seats after 14 9 1
Seat change Steady Decrease1 Increase1

  Election delayed (South Kordofan)

The Sudanese gubernatorial elections took place on 11-15 April, 2010, alongside the wider Sudanese general election, to elect the Governors of the states of Sudan.

The election produced few unexpected upsets, with NCP candidates winning all Northern States, and SPLM candidates winning all of Sudan's Southern States with the notable exception of Western Equatoria; where an Independent candidate unseated the incumbent SPLM Governor.

Changes to the constitution in January 2015 meant that Governors are now appointed by the President, as opposed to being directly elected.[1]

The only state not to hold elections was South Kordofan, where elections were delayed due to disagreement over disputes arising from the 2008 census.[2]

Votes by State

State Winning Party Margin (%) Details
Al Jazirah NCP
Kassala NCP
Northern NCP
Al Qadarif NCP
Red Sea NCP
River Nile NCP
Sennar NCP
White Nile NCP
Blue Nile NCP
N. Kordofan NCP
S. Kordofan Election delayed Details
W. Darfur NCP 36.57 Details
N. Darfur NCP Details
S. Darfur NCP 32.52 Details
Khartoum NCP
W. Bahr el Ghazal SPLM
Lakes SPLM
N. Bahr el Ghazal SPLM
Warrap SPLM
Unity SPLM 33.21 Details
Jonglei SPLM Details
Upper Nile SPLM
C. Equatoria SPLM
E. Equatoria SPLM
W. Equatoria Independent 3.23 Details
Sources: National Electoral Commission


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