Stern family

The Stern family is a Jewish French banking family originally from Frankfurt. It traces back to Samuel Hayum Stern (1760–1819), who in the 1780s became a wine merchant in Frankfurt. His son, Jacob Samuel Heyum Stern, started a banking business in Frankfurt, and had his sons expand the family venture to Berlin, London, and Paris, of which the latter became most prominent as Banque Stern.[1] and J. Stern & Co.

Family tree

Madame Louis Singer, née Thérèse Stern (1859–1935), painted by Paul-Jacques-Aimé Baudry.
  • Samuel Hayum Stern (1760–1819)
    • Jacob Samuel Heyum Stern (1780–1833)
      • Wolf Jacob Stern (1801–1854)
      • Antoine Jacob Stern (1805–1886), banker in Paris, founder of AJ Stern & Co. (which later became Banque Stern)
        • Henriette Stern (1836–1905), married to Georges Halphen (1832–1906)
        • Jacques Stern (1839–1902), banker in Paris, co-founder of Banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas, married to Sophie Croizette
        • Louis Stern (1840–1900), banker in Paris, married to Ernesta de Hierschel
          • Jean Stern (1874–1962), fencer, 1908 Olympic gold medalist, married to Claude Lambert (daughter of Léon Lambert and Zoé Lucie Betty de Rothschild)
      • Julius Jacob Stern (1807–1852), a banker in Berlin
        • Julius James Stern (1835–1901)
        • Theodor Stern (1837–1900)
        • Suzette Stern (1845–?), married to Henri Jules Fould (1837–1895)
          • Marguerite Fould (1866–1956), married to her second cousin Edgard Stern (1854–1936)
      • Leopold Stern (1810–1846), banker
      • David de Stern (–1877), banker in London, co-founder of Stern Brothers, enobled by Luís I of Portugal in 1869
        • Sydney Stern (1845–1912)
        • Helen Stern (1847–1933), married to Charles Warde (1845–1937)
        • Edward Stern (1854–1933), London banker and philanthropist, married to Constance Jessel (daughter of George Jessel)
        • Alice Stern (1854–1925), married to Francis Lucas
      • Hermann de Stern (1815–1887), banker in London, co-founder of Stern Brothers
      • Salomon Stern (1818–1890), banker
        • Edgard Stern (1854–1937), Paris banker and art collector, married to his second cousin Marguerite Fould (1866–1956)
          • Suzanne Stern (1887–1954), married to Bertrand de Sauvan d'Aramon
          • Maurice Stern (1888–1962), banker in Paris
            • Antoine Stern (1925–1995), banker, married to Christiane Laroche (divorced from Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber)
            • Gerard Stern (1927–), married to Brigitte Noetzlin (granddaughter of Edouard Noetzlin)
              • Jerome Stern (1969–), banker in London, founder of J. Stern & Co, married to Sarah von Goldschmidt-Rothschild (daughter of Gilbert de Goldschmidt)
        • Therese Stern (1859–1935), wife of Louis Singer (son of Flore Singer)
    • Caroline Stern (1782–1854), married Salomon Mayer von Rothschild (1774–1855)


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