Goldman–Sachs family

The Goldman–Sachs family is a family of German Jewish descent known for the leading investment bank Goldman Sachs. Marcus Goldman's youngest daughter, Louisa, married Samuel Sachs, the son of close friends and fellow Lower Franconia, Bavaria immigrants.[1] Louisa's older sister and Sam's older brother had already married. His oldest son, Julius Goldman, married Sarah Adler, daughter of Samuel Adler.[2] In 1882, Goldman invited his son-in-law Samuel to join him in the business and changed the firm's name to M. Goldman and Sachs. For almost fifty years, all the partners came from the extended family.[3]

Family tree

Marcus Goldman
  • Marcus Goldman (1821–1904), founder of Goldman Sachs, married to Bertha Goldman
    • Rebecca Goldman Dreyfuss (1851–?), married to Ludwig Dreyfuss (c. 1840s–1918)[4]
    • Julius Goldman (1852–1909) married to Sarah Adler Goldman, daughter of Samuel Adler (1809–1891)
    • Rosa Goldman Sachs married to Julius Sachs (1849–1934)
      • Ernest Sachs (1879–1958), physician, married to Mary Parmly Koues (1882–1973)
        • Ernest Sachs, Jr. (1916–2001), neurosurgeon, married Jeanne O'Sullivan [5]
          • Ernest Paul "Rusty" Sachs
          • Ann Sachs
          • Patricia Sachs
          • Christopher Michael Sachs
          • James Sachs
          • Robert Donal Sachs
        • Thomas Dudley Sachs [5]
    • Louisa Goldman Sachs married to Samuel Sachs (1851–1935)
      • Paul J. Sachs (1878–1965), art historian, married to Meta Pollak (–1960)
        • Elizabeth Sachs
        • Celia Sachs Robinson, married to Charles A. Robinson, Jr. (1900–1965), classical scholar
        • Marjorie Sachs
      • Walter E. Sachs (1884–1980), banker (partner at Goldman Sachs 1928–1959),[6] married to Mary Williamson (1911–?; divorced 1960), actress
        • Katherine Russell Sachs (1943–) married Bernard Dan Steinberg June 7, 1964
        • Philip Williamson Sachs (1949–)
    • Henry Goldman (1857–1937), banker, married to Babette Kaufman (1871–1954)
      • Florence Goldman (1891–1960), married to Edwin Chester Vogel (1884–1973)
      • Henry Goldman Jr., married to Adrienne Straus Goldman


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